When U-Foam introduced this revolutionary cushioning material to the Indian Home, it changed the way India perceived comfort. Polyurethanes have since replaced traditional cushioning materials of Cotton and Latex. Today we there is practically not one home in India that does not have a component of Polyurethane Foam in it. U-Foam has since cushioned many a million home and continuous to do so with our dedicated dealer network throughout the country. " U Foam your home today ". We indeed are the original polyurethane foam with the highest quality. We are proud and confident of the quality of the products we manufacture that we sell and promote them under own brand name. U-Foam promotes its products through its dedicated dealer and distribution network with its pan India presence.If you are keen to join our ever growing dealer network we urge you to write to us at U-Foam's comfort products are available under the following registered brands and trademarks